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Baker & Gray create bespoke, unique & beautifully designed fabrics and furnishings

At the helm of Baker & Gray is Sarah, a British Designer who has spent many years working in the design industry. Her expansive travel has seen her living and working in continents such as India, Africa and Europe, drawing inspiration from the flora and fauna encountered on her journey.


Her design career started in the fashion world, never dreaming that she would visit and one day live in Africa. This rich experience lead her to the Baker & Gray collection we see today. 


“I remember my first visit to Africa was an amazing assault on the senses. the fabulous colours, the cultural richness and the space and light was an overwhelming memory that lives with me still. I adored the rich colours of the earth and the scent of the soil after the first rains, not to mention the plant and animal life. In the spring, every hue of green imaginable magically burst from the driest trees assumed, until that moment, to be lifeless. Throughout my collection it is this extraordinary and enchanting transformation I have tried to capture.”


Walking on the banks of the Zambezi River, Sarah would often collect beetle seed pods leaves & fruit, which became the foundation of motifs that you see in Sarah’s embroidery today. The current collection tells the story of those early days in Africa, which we call “Savannah.”


At Baker and Gray we provide a bespoke product, tailored to individual clients requirements. We are committed to providing the best possible service to all our clients. We have recently introduced a printed fabric and wallpaper collection we are proud to say is produced solely in the United Kingdom, and use British craftsman wherever possible. 

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